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(Event - London) Fiasco Picnic 18th August 2012

Do you like gaming or fancy giving it a go?

Do you like picnics and have had enough of a wet London summer and want an excuse to spend an afternoon in the park?

Well now you can combine BOTH with "Fiasco Picnic"!!!!

Sean at Leisure Games is hosting "Fiasco - A Very British Picnic" in Regents Park in London on Saturday 18th August. It's free to everyone and very suitable for experienced gamers or completely fresh-faced "want to see what it's all about" interested parties.

There is more information in the below blog about the event, and a backup pub is an option should the grey clouds refuse to shift by then!


To learn more about Fiasco make sure you tune-in to this coming Fridays episode of 'Tabletop' on the Geek & Sundry channel on YouTube.
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New board games from Russia


Have you ever heard about Russian board games?
How about Russian game designers and publishers?

In October 2011 at SPEIL, Rightgames LLC, a Russian company specializing in game designing, will present four popular Russian games created by 3 Russian authors:

«Potion-making. Practice» - author Sergey Machin
«Evolution. The Origin of species» – author Dmitry Knorre
«The Enigma of Leonardo» – author Sergey Machin
«The Kingdoms of Crusaders» - author Danila Goryunov

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Dragonmeet 2010 - Saturday 27th November 2010

Just a quick reminder that Dragonmeet is taking place this Saturday at the Kensington Town Hall. Special guests include Ian Livingstone (co-founder of Games Workshop back in the 70's and author of the Fighting Fantasy books amongst other things) plus Chris Pramas (Green Ronin), Jeff Combos (Exile Game Studios), Ken Hite, Robin Laws and more! Plus trade hall and loads of games. www.dragonmeet.co.uk for more details!

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This afternoon we had a small board gaming session. DaveL came over and together with lulucthulhu and threetrees, I got three games out on the table.

The first was an old favourite to get us into the mood. It is a while since we played Red Empire and I had intended to showcase the game at Games Expo, but did not manage to get it out of the bag. So we played a lot of Pandemic instead. We were quickly into the swing of things, with only two changes of presidency (between me and DaveL), and we managed to deal with all but one of the Crisis, ending the game by exhausting the deck. We got in a little table talk too. I managed to win 65 points to 49!

At DaveL’s suggestion we introduced threetrees to Pandemic. We set the game at medium level, so had plenty of Epidemic cards to deal with, and we had the Medic role (threetrees took this role, as it is the easiest to play), so it was slightly easier. We got threatened with Outbreaks several times – we only got as far as four, but the number of cards we had to draw each turn went up to four too! We had the Researcher and Scientist too, as well as the Dispatcher, so I got to move everyone around. We won, but it was a close run thing, the draw deck not quite exhausted.

We ended the session with a new game, Days of Steam, a game that I picked up at Games Expo. This is a train game, but a relatively easy one. It involves you laying tracks and towns, collecting the goods from each town and delivering them elsewhere. The game has a nice balance between the need to lay track and the need to build up steam to drive the trains so that goods can be delivered. The game plays well and looks very nice, although the rulebook does need a polish.
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For Alex's last night here in Birmingham, we got out another set of boardgames, all of her choice. We were joined by Madame Ruut, who made up a good foursome for the evening.

First up was Settlers of Catan, using the basic set up since we had not played this in long time. I tried to build as many cities as I could, basing my strategy off a good source of ore. Unfortunately, this was hampered by everyone targeting me with the Robber Baron through the first part of the game, and a dearth of trades... It got better, because the other players got targeted by the Robber Baron as they got stronger. Alex complained mightily about the effect of the Robber Baron halving the number of cards in her hand, saying that she had never played it like that before. After the first and only Soldier came out, she realised that she had played it like that before and she was thinking about the Soldier card which does move the Robber Baron, but does not halve everyone's hand of cards.

Alex managed to get the Longest Road, and that put her into the final straight, although Madame Ruut probably won earlier and did not know it. Overall, this game was fairly close coming down to end.

Alex decided that the next game should be Zombie FLUXX, but switched to her new favourite -- Alhambra. This was another new game for Madame Ruut (she had played Settlers of Catan), but like most Spiel de Jahres winners it was easy enough to pick up and play. Compared to our recent three-player games, this was a much, much tighter game and it was less likely that someone was going to run away with the points.

In the end I won this game, which made up for all of my recent losses.

Game night ended with a round of Zombie FLUXX. Almost as soon as we started, Alex remembered how much she disliked this version of the game. Or at least how frustrating she found the game, which is about true for everyone. We got lots of zombie creepers out on the table, but with the "Zombies Are Okay" card out on the table, lulucthulhu managed to scrape a win...
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(no subject)

Dave came over this afternoon, and before he turned teacher on us and gave Alex an impromptu revision session (he normally charges £25 an hour, so I certainly owe him a favour), we got another couple of games out on the table.

Dave brought with him several games, of which we only tried Blokus. This is an incredibly simple game that really pushes your spatial awareness. It is very tactile and plays in about 20 minutes. Alex liked this a lot, keeping us playing five times and winning a couple of times, Dave one game and then I probably won the others. Given its components, I am not surprised at the game's price, but find it a bit too simplistic for that price. Nevertheless, I like this a fair bit.

Better still was the current favourite of both Dave and myself: Pandemic. Well, Dave and I thought so, because Alex found it a bit too dry. Nevertheless, we managed to cure all four diseases and wiped out one, completing the game in under an hour.
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(no subject)

Last night we got another three games out on the table after Alex had caught up with the Big Bang Theory -- she has now seen all of season one, and we will probably watch My Name is Earl next and save 30 Rock for later.

First we played yet another game of Ticket to Ride, which I thoroughly, utterly lost. I was just not able to complete my Destination Tickets, and lulucthulhu beat both Alex and I hands down.

Next at Alex's suggestion I got out Alhambra, which again I lost. We had problems with this one as we seemed to only draw two or three types of currency. Which made purchasing some tiles all but impossible.

Lastly I suggested that we play Canal Mania, which Ruth joined us for. This is a game that I really like and consider to be a nice stepping stone up from the Ticket to Ride family of games. I played a lot of it after I bought it, but not recently. Thus I misread a couple of cards and the correct scoring rule for transporting goods. The game took about an hour and Ruth liked it enough to want to play again.

Alex was unimpressed. Her problem was that it was too complex -- whereas I know that by hobby standards, Canal Mania is far from complex -- and that having to collect one or more type of card to build a particular section of canal was irksome. Otherwise, I really like this game and would recommend to most board gamers. More so if you like train themed games.
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After we watched the new Doctor Who story -- Planet of the Dead -- last night, we broke out a board game or three. This was an opportunity for me to try a board game that I needed to review, Duck! Duck! GO!, published by APE Games.

Duck! Duck! GO! is a bath time duck racing game that I tested out on Alex and threetrees. It has some very nice components, some of which include actual little rubber ducks. It comes with basic and advanced rules, both of which are easy to learn. It feels a little like RoboRalley crossed with Wings of War, but minus the lasers and the machine guns, and plus lots of bonking. It is fun, it is light, but the basic game is perhaps too light, and the advanced game feels slightly too complex for what it is trying to do. It will be probably be a better game with more players than less.

Alex and threetrees played FLUXX whilst I read the advanced rules for Duck! Duck! GO!. It was a quick enough game with threetrees winning, much to her surprise.

Lastly lulucthulhu joined us for four player game of Ticket to Ride. This was surprisingly hard fought, with myself chasing threetrees right to the end and surpassing her when we scored the Destination Tickets. It almost came right down who had the Longest Route card, but I had more points... threetrees lost some points for incomplete Destination Tickets, whilst lulucthulhu lost so many -- over fifty -- that she went back into fourth place! I kept myself to just four Tickets and that after I had completed my first two.

Although Ticket to Ride is not my favourite variant, this play just shows that the game works well with more players than fewer players.