Pookie (pwca) wrote in gaming_addicts,

This evening I started running Dark Heresy at my Thursday night club, which went rather well. We had two experienced players and one inexperienced, the latter doing surprisingly well. He knows the Warhammer 40,000 setting, so that is a big plus. We rolled characters up bar the choice of Career, and everyone seemed to have got the character that they wanted. So we have an Adept, an Arbiter, and a Guardsman, and I am running the demo scenario, "Shattered Hope." Thankfully they have not played it.

So far, the trio have landed on Sepheris Secundus and know that something nasty is going on, but nobody is talking. The troops on planet say that there is something nasty in the mines, but clammed up after. An insane trooper's gibbering hinted at tentacles and eye, but nothing more.

Although I am worried at not having run anything in months, I am looking forward to carrying on.

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