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Dave came over and after a cup of tea and a chat we played a game of Munchkin Booty which was as silly and as puntastic as you would imagine. It is essentially a Munchkin game with Piratical and Nautical puns ahoy. It is not a great game, probably being too much based upon the luck of the draw for some players, but it is playable enough for a quick game.

Then after Dave mentioned how much his Thursday night board game group liked Pandemic, I got out my copy and we persuaded lulucthulhu to play. I had only played twice, and that was last year and my copy was brand new. We opened it up and set it up, and got playing. With the Scientist, the Operations Manager, and the Medic we managed a very successful game, working hard to gain all four cures. No more than a quarter of the disease cubes came out of their bags before we had the game sorted and that was with about a third of the play cards out too. The playing time says 45 minutes, but for our first game it took us an hour.

I really like Pandemic. It is a very clever, highly balanced co-operative game, and it is no wonder that it appeared on Twelve Boxes for Christmas: A dozen boardgame gift ideas for 2008 at Ogrecave.com. I did not place it on the list, but I agree that it should be.

Anyway Dave won the Munchkin Booty game and we all won Pandemic.

[I gained because I have to review the first game, and lost because I did not get to playtest any of the other boardgames that I have to review.]

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