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After we watched the new Doctor Who story -- Planet of the Dead -- last night, we broke out a board game or three. This was an opportunity for me to try a board game that I needed to review, Duck! Duck! GO!, published by APE Games.

Duck! Duck! GO! is a bath time duck racing game that I tested out on Alex and threetrees. It has some very nice components, some of which include actual little rubber ducks. It comes with basic and advanced rules, both of which are easy to learn. It feels a little like RoboRalley crossed with Wings of War, but minus the lasers and the machine guns, and plus lots of bonking. It is fun, it is light, but the basic game is perhaps too light, and the advanced game feels slightly too complex for what it is trying to do. It will be probably be a better game with more players than less.

Alex and threetrees played FLUXX whilst I read the advanced rules for Duck! Duck! GO!. It was a quick enough game with threetrees winning, much to her surprise.

Lastly lulucthulhu joined us for four player game of Ticket to Ride. This was surprisingly hard fought, with myself chasing threetrees right to the end and surpassing her when we scored the Destination Tickets. It almost came right down who had the Longest Route card, but I had more points... threetrees lost some points for incomplete Destination Tickets, whilst lulucthulhu lost so many -- over fifty -- that she went back into fourth place! I kept myself to just four Tickets and that after I had completed my first two.

Although Ticket to Ride is not my favourite variant, this play just shows that the game works well with more players than fewer players.

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