Pookie (pwca) wrote in gaming_addicts,

Last night we got another three games out on the table after Alex had caught up with the Big Bang Theory -- she has now seen all of season one, and we will probably watch My Name is Earl next and save 30 Rock for later.

First we played yet another game of Ticket to Ride, which I thoroughly, utterly lost. I was just not able to complete my Destination Tickets, and lulucthulhu beat both Alex and I hands down.

Next at Alex's suggestion I got out Alhambra, which again I lost. We had problems with this one as we seemed to only draw two or three types of currency. Which made purchasing some tiles all but impossible.

Lastly I suggested that we play Canal Mania, which Ruth joined us for. This is a game that I really like and consider to be a nice stepping stone up from the Ticket to Ride family of games. I played a lot of it after I bought it, but not recently. Thus I misread a couple of cards and the correct scoring rule for transporting goods. The game took about an hour and Ruth liked it enough to want to play again.

Alex was unimpressed. Her problem was that it was too complex -- whereas I know that by hobby standards, Canal Mania is far from complex -- and that having to collect one or more type of card to build a particular section of canal was irksome. Otherwise, I really like this game and would recommend to most board gamers. More so if you like train themed games.

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