Pookie (pwca) wrote in gaming_addicts,

Dave came over this afternoon, and before he turned teacher on us and gave Alex an impromptu revision session (he normally charges £25 an hour, so I certainly owe him a favour), we got another couple of games out on the table.

Dave brought with him several games, of which we only tried Blokus. This is an incredibly simple game that really pushes your spatial awareness. It is very tactile and plays in about 20 minutes. Alex liked this a lot, keeping us playing five times and winning a couple of times, Dave one game and then I probably won the others. Given its components, I am not surprised at the game's price, but find it a bit too simplistic for that price. Nevertheless, I like this a fair bit.

Better still was the current favourite of both Dave and myself: Pandemic. Well, Dave and I thought so, because Alex found it a bit too dry. Nevertheless, we managed to cure all four diseases and wiped out one, completing the game in under an hour.

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