Pookie (pwca) wrote in gaming_addicts,

For Alex's last night here in Birmingham, we got out another set of boardgames, all of her choice. We were joined by Madame Ruut, who made up a good foursome for the evening.

First up was Settlers of Catan, using the basic set up since we had not played this in long time. I tried to build as many cities as I could, basing my strategy off a good source of ore. Unfortunately, this was hampered by everyone targeting me with the Robber Baron through the first part of the game, and a dearth of trades... It got better, because the other players got targeted by the Robber Baron as they got stronger. Alex complained mightily about the effect of the Robber Baron halving the number of cards in her hand, saying that she had never played it like that before. After the first and only Soldier came out, she realised that she had played it like that before and she was thinking about the Soldier card which does move the Robber Baron, but does not halve everyone's hand of cards.

Alex managed to get the Longest Road, and that put her into the final straight, although Madame Ruut probably won earlier and did not know it. Overall, this game was fairly close coming down to end.

Alex decided that the next game should be Zombie FLUXX, but switched to her new favourite -- Alhambra. This was another new game for Madame Ruut (she had played Settlers of Catan), but like most Spiel de Jahres winners it was easy enough to pick up and play. Compared to our recent three-player games, this was a much, much tighter game and it was less likely that someone was going to run away with the points.

In the end I won this game, which made up for all of my recent losses.

Game night ended with a round of Zombie FLUXX. Almost as soon as we started, Alex remembered how much she disliked this version of the game. Or at least how frustrating she found the game, which is about true for everyone. We got lots of zombie creepers out on the table, but with the "Zombies Are Okay" card out on the table, lulucthulhu managed to scrape a win...

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