Pookie (pwca) wrote in gaming_addicts,

This afternoon we had a small board gaming session. DaveL came over and together with lulucthulhu and threetrees, I got three games out on the table.

The first was an old favourite to get us into the mood. It is a while since we played Red Empire and I had intended to showcase the game at Games Expo, but did not manage to get it out of the bag. So we played a lot of Pandemic instead. We were quickly into the swing of things, with only two changes of presidency (between me and DaveL), and we managed to deal with all but one of the Crisis, ending the game by exhausting the deck. We got in a little table talk too. I managed to win 65 points to 49!

At DaveL’s suggestion we introduced threetrees to Pandemic. We set the game at medium level, so had plenty of Epidemic cards to deal with, and we had the Medic role (threetrees took this role, as it is the easiest to play), so it was slightly easier. We got threatened with Outbreaks several times – we only got as far as four, but the number of cards we had to draw each turn went up to four too! We had the Researcher and Scientist too, as well as the Dispatcher, so I got to move everyone around. We won, but it was a close run thing, the draw deck not quite exhausted.

We ended the session with a new game, Days of Steam, a game that I picked up at Games Expo. This is a train game, but a relatively easy one. It involves you laying tracks and towns, collecting the goods from each town and delivering them elsewhere. The game has a nice balance between the need to lay track and the need to build up steam to drive the trains so that goods can be delivered. The game plays well and looks very nice, although the rulebook does need a polish.

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