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New board games from Russia


Have you ever heard about Russian board games?
How about Russian game designers and publishers?

In October 2011 at SPEIL, Rightgames LLC, a Russian company specializing in game designing, will present four popular Russian games created by 3 Russian authors:

«Potion-making. Practice» - author Sergey Machin
«Evolution. The Origin of species» – author Dmitry Knorre
«The Enigma of Leonardo» – author Sergey Machin
«The Kingdoms of Crusaders» - author Danila Goryunov


All game mechanics are card based. The core of the game is a card deck with special playing cards. A set may also contain point counters, markers, etc.
All games based on their play time are in the filler category.

«Potion-making. Practice» the board game – created in 2005.
It has quickly become a Russian bestseller.
In 2010 it was chosen as the “best Russian board game in the last 5 years” by www.boardgamer.ru portal. In that same year it was also chosen as one of the TOP-10 best board games by Forbes Russia magazine.

Number of players – 2-6
Ages – 10+. Playing time – 40-90 minutes.

Game elements: cards, player counters and point card.

Each player in the game is considered an alchemist.
He will need to create elixirs, potions, powders and even avatars of magical creatures. By following instructions and using spell cards each player tries to create as much potions as he can. The stronger the potion or elixir, the more points a player receives.

The game has 2 expansions: “University Years” and “The Guild of Alchemists”. There is also a gift box containing all three sets.

Game author – Sergey Machin – one of the leading game developers in Russia.
He is designing and releasing games since 2002.
He has designed a great many board games and also 2 CCGs: The War and Commanders Way.
“The Jam”, the latest game from Sergey, made for both children and their parents, was released in summer 2011.

«The Kingdoms of Crusaders» the board game – created in 2007.
The game was immediately considered “best Russian game of the year”.

The core set is for 2 players. By using two sets, the game can be played with 3-4 people.
Ages – 12+.
Playing time – 30-40 minutes.

Playing card example.

The game is dedicated to crusades and the conflict between knightly orders after the taking of the Holy land. The players goal is to take control of as many provinces as they can, by gathering a strong army there.

An expansion and a set for 4 players containing the new expansion was released in 2008.

Game author - Goryunov Danila.
Graduate of bio-chemical faculty at Moscow State V. I. Lenin Pedagogical University.
Scientific specialization - mirmicologist
Has worked as a teacher in the past.

«The Enigma of Leonardo» the board game – created in 2007.
In 2010 was awarded with the “Intellectual training simulator” award.

Number of players – 2-4
Age – 8+
Playing time – 30-50 min.

Game example. Each player has their own card zone consisting of a cross and key cards.

The goal of this simple and fun logical game is to collect a set of Mysterious Keys. You receive a Key whenever you complete a sequence of similar symbols drawn on the cards. The location of the symbols changes each turn depending on what new card is played.

The game mechanic is based on the popular in Russia game “ouths and crosses”, or as it’s called in English “tick-tack-toe”.

An expansion called “Novem” (nine) was released in 2008.

A set for hardcore players with more complex rules, «The Enigma of Leonardo. Quintis Fontis”, was released in 2010.

Game author – Sergey Machin.
The «Quintis Fontis» set was created with the help of Alexei Pahomov.

«Evolution. The Origin of species» the board game – created in 2010.
By the end of the year received 5 awards as “best Russian board game”.

Number of players – 2-4
Age – 12+.
Playing time – 30-70 minutes.

A population of one of the players animals with different abilities.
There is a big fat animal. There is also a poisonous carnivore that is collaborating with an animal infected with a parasite.

Animals of different species live and develop, receive new abilities and compete for food. To become a speedy carnivore a big water dweller, it all depends on the habitat. By trying to create a stable population of animals that will dominate in the ecosystem, players learn to understand the basics of animal evolution, the concept of the survival of the fittest.

«Evolution. The Origin of species» is a great example of a popular science game.
The author managed to combine science with great playability. This makes the game interesting for a wide variety of public.

«Evolution. Time to fly», the first expansion set to the game, was released in april 2011.

Game author - Dmitri Knorre .

Candidate of biological science, graduate of the Biological Faculty at MGU, scientist at the Research and Development Establishment of psychochemical biology.

He spends his free time by popularizing his favorite science including the creation of games that show the functions of different eco systems.


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